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Terri Roberts-Leonard

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Terri is a diversity, equity and inclusion trainer and educator whose focus is on community service and education. Terri uses transparency, engagement and holistic approaches to build relationships and encourage learning and community development. 

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Terri's book series is Danda the Panda. Danda the Panda Welcome to My World was released in 2020 and Danda the Panda Love Makes a Family was released in May of 2021 and is co-authored by her young son. The book's main character is Danda, an adopted panda. This book series will cover a wide range of topics including adoption, bullying and more. It is a great companion piece for curriculum to aid children in understanding various life lessons. 

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Terri offers various services including diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging training, workshops and consulting as well as team building for individuals, schools, corporations and
non-profit organizations. She offers both in person and virtual training options. 

Diversity, equity and inclusion are amongst the most important values that an organization can have.

When these values are optimized they can provide you access to a greater range of talent, increase employee satisfaction and retention as well as expand your consumer base. It helps provide insight into the needs of your entire consumer base, instead of a small portion of it. Also, potentially, as a wealth of highly credible researchers have shown, it makes your organization more effective and successful.

Terri is committed to tailoring sessions to each organization’s specific needs. She recognizes the uniqueness of each organization and individual. She will work with you to determine what your goals are  and recommend approaches that she believes will be most effective.


Training sessions are available as single events or as a training series. Contact her to set up a free 20 minute consultation to discuss service options. 



Graduation Caps

Dr. David Carlson

Professor Emeritus,
Franklin College

Terri is not only someone committed to helping people as an advocate but someone who understands how systems and communities work.  She has been invaluable to Franklin College in her role as Director of Diversity and Inclusion, where she has demonstrated a clear ability to bring people together.  I am very excited that Ms. Roberts-Leonard is bringing her gifts and abilities into the larger community.

Holding Hands

Barry V. Hawkins, Jr.
Author & Speaker

Terri is one of the most caring, engaged, and innovative educators I know. Her passion for today’s youth has nurtured, and continues to strengthen, her resilience in advocating for the success and well-being of all students. Terri is a strategic thinker with a global mindset and is intentional in using her skills, wisdom, and expertise. Above all, Terri is empathetic, relatable, incites moral action, and embodies benevolence as a virtue. I trust Terri as a problem-solver, risk taker, and with the task of making decisions that will educate, empower, and equip the community that she lives in.


Ellis Hall
Vice President of
Student Affairs,
Franklin College, Retired

Terri Roberts-Leonard cares deeply about the people in her community. She works diligently listen to their ideas, address their questions and provide a voice for their concerns. 

Light Bulb

Nieka Davis
Community Member

Terri Roberts-Leonard has always been a source of leadership goals for me. Terri has always demonstrated fair, consistent and effective leadership skills. She is the type of leader who is dedicated to helping her team members achieve their goals, while holding them accountable, which in turn makes the team want to follow her lead.
I respect her commitment to
the mission of anything she is involved with.



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